8 Healthy Food Swaps for a Healthier Thanksgiving Day

The mountains of gluttonous mashed potatoes and monster slices of sweet pumpkin pie don’t have to keep you from staying in shape this Thanksgiving feast! With just a few easy ingredient substitutions, you can turn this, often calorie-rich meal into a dinner you won’t feel guilty about. From our...

3 Exercises to Improve Your Mood

If you’ve ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed, you know that even the largest cup of coffee can’t always cure a bad mood. But what if we could tell you that exercise has all the right moves to turn you from a crabbypants to one happy Kaia girl walking on sunshine!  


A Plant-Based Diet: What to Eat and How to Get Started

Do foods make you sleepy, or make you ready to jump out of bed? Eating nutritiously on a daily basis will springboard you into a more energy-filled, productive life! Plant-based diets encourage a stronger immune system, keep excess weight at bay, and improve your vision, skin, and heart! So,...

A Healthier Way to Set Goals: What is a Non-Scale Victory?

If the alarm goes off and your first thought is of what number will show up on your scale, it’s time to start setting healthier goals. While keeping a gauge on your weight in pounds is a suggested health tool, it’s in no way the bottom line, or the defining moment of how in shape you...

4 Benefits of Training Programs

We sometimes associate a training program with something only an athlete or bodybuilder does to get ready for competition. But training programs are an excellent way for anyone with a specific exercise goal like a marathon, a weight loss goal, or even basic health improvement goals to achieve...

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