Kaia FIT Fair Oaks, CA: Ewa Firl

I’m Ewa Firl ( Eva) I came to the US about 19 years ago, lived in SF for a few years, use to run up to Twin Peaks from the Haight where  I lived, My fun walk was from the Haight to the GG bridge, might have taken a bus back wink wink.


Met Ken through a set up by his sister, she is a friend of mine now my sister in law. Decided to stay home with our children, added Luke in 2007 at the ripe age of 40, I never lost the baby weight, still have done a few Half Marathons over the years but, always so sad that my min/mile never was up to my standards.


In 2014 I joined Kaia Fair Oaks, Coach Beth took me under her wings I did a couple of Core sessions and decided to train on my own for the Shamrock in 2015, then I just kind of stopped…. In Jan of 2016 I saw a pic of myself the heaviest ever. I came back to Kaia Fit Fair Oaks  in Feb of 2016, huffing and puffing around the building, but started getting stronger and eating better… During spring  Brik i lost over 20 Lb, this year I have lost 30Lb. I do have a crown from the last Brik , many are after it, and due to a sadly torn calf muscle I had to put my membership on hold. It’s amazing what I have learned from my coaches , I have had a pretty good workout routine being injured and home, I’m eating so much better, The Java I struggle with..


From February till before I got injured on labor day, I have taken about 6 min off my mile, I use to be pretty fast and seems like the body remembers, even if the big 5-0 is fast  approaching.. My Next goal is getting back into the gym in Nov, and my next goal is the last 20 Lb I need to lose, I had a physical a few weeks back my blood is doing well! Glucose levels down, bad cholesterol up since mine was on the to low side to match the good.


The gratefulness I feel to my Kaia coaches, I have had Coach Charlene chasing me around the building at the Gym in Fair Oaks, took a lot of time off LOL, Coach Amy has been so helpful with my diet, and encouragements in msg and on FB, Kathleen and I started Kaia in 2014 about the same time, now she is my Coach I’m so impressed, thank you! for pushing me.. I have so much respect for all women coming in day after day.


KAIA is: I think the best way to work out, we care for each other, does not matter what level..The balanced, The Strength and The Kaia.. we all belong!

I had the chance to met Nikki Warren, to me,it was like a rock star moment… not like when I saw Ro Love at Starbucks but in a different way.. This woman have found the formula to get women to get into shape or to stay in shape with sisterhood and positiveness.

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