Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out if a Kaia FIT franchise is a good fit for me?

Do you feel a lack of inspiration in what you currently do, even though you are fortunate enough to work in a caring industry? Do you get satisfaction as a person when you are able to help others achieve goals they never thought possible? Are you driven by seeing the best in others, and can you work hard and put yourself out in front of the community as a brand ambassador? If yes, YOU are the right person so — LETS DO IT!

Will I feel like I have a team behind me once I am open and operating my Kaia FIT location?

Kaia FIT is a team. We built our franchise by understanding the importance of providing hands-on support through offering six certifications annually for franchisees and new coaches to attend, annual recertification and continuing education, monthly franchisee webinars, monthly franchise support calls, an annual Kaia conference and an annual Kaia FIT retreat. We assist in ongoing marketing support through in-house marketing assistance. We provide a large collection of intellectual materials within our password protected “Owners Materials”. We provide a systems and standards manual, website and technology support. We stick together yet all shine uniquely as franchisees within one big family.

Which states are currently available?

We currently operate in California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Hawaii, Washington, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon, but we are exploring new markets.

How long does the approval process take?

Our goal is 6-8 months from acceptance of PFS (personal financial statement) following your Inquiry application submittal.

What type of training will I receive?

  • Three day Fitness Certification
  • Two day Business Management – part of certification
  • Annual Recertification
  • Flow Workshop – part of certification
  • Ongoing support throughout the year, with repeat annual certifications
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Monthly Support calls
  • Annual Conference and Retreat

What materials do you provide as a franchisor?

Kaia FIT provides all your weekly workouts, themed manuals, nutritional manuals, nutritional guidance and incredible healthy cookbooks, all fit test, physical assessment protocol, marketing support, marketing and branding materials, monthly franchisee webinars, on-going training, location visits, free location workshops (must be scheduled), Grand Opening support and so much more.

Do you offer an ADA opportunity (multiple locations)?

Yes, subject to satisfaction of Kaia FIT’s criteria for multi-unit developers.

How do I identify the right site for my location, and what support do you provide?

We provide site selection criteria and other information related to site specifications in the manuals provided to the franchisees.

What are the qualification steps to become an approved Kaia FIT franchisee?

  • Submit an Inquiry Application and PFS (Personal Financial Statement)
  • Complete two interviews, either in person or Skype
  • Review FDD
  • Visit a Kaia FIT location and take a class
  • Complete Final Application (includes background and credit check)
  • Sign item 13 of FDD
  • Secure an LOI for Site approval prior to certification
  • Attend our two day Business Management, three day Fitness Certification, FLOW and RUN Workshops over a five day period

How much does it cost to open my Kaia FIT location?

Estimated Breakdown of Costs

Stand Alone Location: $70,314 - $174,900 which includes your FA Fee of $17,500 and training

Subleased Location: $70,314 Subleases are accepted only under certain conditions, and must be approved by Kaia FIT Corp. Subleased locations are held to the same class structure and site specifications as stand alone locations.

What attributes and experience does Kaia FIT look for in a franchisee?

  1. Someone who has a passion for fitness and nutrition
  2. Someone who can manage finances and meet financial qualifications
  3. Someone who has business management experience
  4. Someone who has a deep desire embedded in their nature to want to help others become happier healthier people
  5. Someone who is genuinely outgoing and personable
  6. Someone who has compassion for others
  7. Someone who can motivate and inspire others
  8. Someone who loves to coach and can manage and train others
  9. Someone who can commit their best efforts full-time, this is not a part-time job

Do I need a background in fitness and nutrition?

It certainly helps to have had experience in group fitness coaching and have an understanding of nutrition and the benefits of a whole foods diet. However, we understand that sometimes being in the fitness and nutrition business may have been a dream of yours and you have been in a career difficult to transition out of. Therefore, we definitely look at your desires and business acumen during our interview process to navigate through this. If this is a new industry for you then you will be required to receive a national group fitness certification following your Kaia FIT certification within 6 months from completion of our Kaia FIT Certification approval.

Am I assigned a protected territory?

A Kaia FIT franchisee is assigned a geographic territory around their Kaia FIT locations within which the franchisee enjoys certain rights. We determine the geographical territory based upon a number of demographic and industry factors. A franchisee’s rights within an assigned protected territory are dependent upon the franchisee satisfying performance standards.

What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

The initial term of your Franchise Agreement is five years with the option to renew for an additional five-year term, subject to satisfying certain renewal conditions.

Can I transfer my location to another person during my 5 year agreement?

You may transfer your Kaia FIT location to another person that satisfies Kaia FIT’s criteria for franchise ownership. You must complete certain pre-transfer requirements in connection with any transfer.

What business operations manuals and materials are provided?

We provide you with a Systems Manual, which lays out what Kaia FIT Corporation “expects of you” in addition to an Owner’s Materials Page, which is a part of our corporate website’s password-protected backend portal. The Owner’s page is a large collection of all corporate-produced materials and tools to help you “run your business”.

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