10 Ways to Get the Most Out of BRIK

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of BRIK

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BRIK is our signature program. It is full of great calorie and metabolism boosting workouts, challenging skill work and FIT tests. We provide you with nutrition information, meal planning, cookbooks and goal setting. There is so much going on, and it is such a fun 6 weeks from the beginning… but sometimes that energy can fade over time. Don’t let your momentum slip. Use these tips to really get the most out of BRIK.


1. Set SMART Goals. Yes, we say this often, but this is how you begin a program and give yourself realistic and time based goals that will set you up for success for this 6 weeks. Don’t be vague and don’t just say something like “weight loss.” Be specific really use them to plan out your six weeks.

2. Commit to coming to the foundation classes. Cross Training, Yoga-Pilates, Barre, and Saturday Power Hour or Run. These workouts are designed to help you gain strength, increase stamina, better your fitness skills (like pull ups, and jump rope) and lengthen your tight muscles and improve your balance and core strength.

3. Keep your nutrition simple and don’t over think it. Eat whole foods and be prepared. Things as simple as having an apple, some nuts, an avocado, or a hard boiled egg ready to take to go will save you from overeating if you get hungry.

4. Drink your liquids. Lots of water, smoothies, soups, tea and you Kaia Koctail will help keep your energy up, help you recover and keep your digestion moving along. Always have your water bottle at the ready and remind yourself to drink up.

5. Keep moving! Sore? Don’t stop. The best way to recover your muscles from soreness is blood flow. Go for a walk, do another class (maybe take it easy but still go) foam roll, or do some stretching. The worst thing you can do is not move, because you will start all over again.

6. Listen to your body. You are #1 your first coach. Your body will let you know if you pushed a little too hard, are in pain, or are feeling tired. Know your limits and know when to back off. Maybe you need some alternatives in class, just ask a coach, that is what they are here for.

7. Push yourself when you know you can! Feeling high energy, strong and able? Pick up that heavier weight for a few reps, ask for a spotter on the pull up bar or doing a handstand and really push yourself to beat your FIT test time! You will only get stronger and faster when you add just that little bit of work outside your comfort zone.

8. Use your Kaia Tribe as your accountability!! You have a team of women who are here to support you and want you to succeed. Reach out to fellow Kaia Girls, or to your Coach if you are struggling. Set up a car pool with your class time mates, or meet up for a mid-day walk or weekend run when you can.

9. Have fun!! Kaia is meant to be a butt kicking workout, but also a lot of fun. Come to class with energy, and be ready to have a blast. Add a little dance to those burpees, give your classmates lots of hi-fives, belt out your favorite song when it comes on, or just relish your time with your Kaia girls every day.


Coach Raina Timmel, Kaia FIT Head Programmer.

Raina grew up in Sonoma County, CA. She spent her childhood camping, hiking, backpacking and enjoying the outdoors with her family. After playing numerous sports in high school she went to College to pursue her passion of wellness, and received her Kinesiology degree from Sacramento State. Since college she has worked in several Wellness related fields, including Physical Therapy, Crossfit, Corporate Wellness, Personal Training and luckily found Kaia in 2010! Kaia has been a big part of her life since then and she has been lucky to be part of the growth of the program. She has coached at several locations, helped with Certifications and now is the head programmer for Kaia Corp as well as works as a Manager for Kaia FIT Petaluma. 

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