2020: The Year of Resolutions

2020: The Year of Resolutions

Ring in your Resolutions

Can you believe it? It’s a new year and new decade… the perfect time to make change and look to the present and future! Change is many times associated with a bad experience, forced change, or because something happened that might not have been helpful. It often times leads us to thinking about the past and how we could have done something different, but since we have no control of that, we need to look beyond that and think about what we can do NOW! Change is inevitable and, to be real, is always happening whether we realize it or not. Our cells are always changing, our hormones, bodies, neural pathways, brain function… there is (hopefully) never a time of stillness or else we wouldn’t be alive! So, let’s embrace change and make it into a positive and long-lasting change for the better.

Let’s start with the basics… What is a Resolution?

a. A firm decision to do something

b. A course of action determined or decided on

Which is exactly where we all need to begin in order to making long lasting change.

Figure out WHAT it is we want, and HOW we are going to do it!

So, let’s begin by choosing something that we can make into a course of action. Having Kaia in our lives has already put us on the path to a healthier and more active lifestyle, so how can we use that to make bigger and more personal goals? Focus your personal goals on small, realistic and time bound goals that are sensible and helpful for your lifestyle. Think about what will make you feel your best, make you stronger both physically and mentally, will set yourself up for success in the future, will help simplify and decrease stress, will build relationships and create bonds. Even if you are feeling great, moving every day and eating well, having goals will give you something to look forward to, to keep you motivated and feeling your best. Remember, they don’t always have to do with health, but maybe to do with the environment, personal connection, self-care or helping others.


Here are some helpful ideas to get you started on thinking about what you want to make happen in 2020!

  • Start each day with a verbal or written thanks and gratitude- starting your day with something you are thankful for will help lead to less negative thoughts, will promote endorphins and help you weed out unnecessary stresses that you have no control over.
  • Get in at least 30 minutes of activity every day- movement and exercise promote blood flow to keep you energized and mobile, give you time to reflect, and of course help prevent chronic disease. This can be walking, biking, swimming or exercise class.
  • Check labels when buying packaged foods and opt to not buy anything with more than 10g of sugar in it (or any added sugar at all)- sugar causes inflammation in the body, unstable blood sugar, can lead to chronic illness and mood swings. Stick with fruit and save the sugar for special occasions or a bite of dark chocolate.
  • Turn your phone off or put it away and give your partner, friend, family member at least 20 minutes of divided attention- personal connection improves psychological health and wellbeing, decreased rates of depression and anxiety as well as increased longevity. So put the phones down and make real personal connection!
  • Be committed to being more environmentally responsible. Say NO to excess plastic packaging, and choosing your goods as local as you can. By shopping local we waste less packaging, we support local farmers and business owners, we will decrease our impact on emissions by not buying overseas goods, and will learn about reading labels and buying responsibly.


All of these “goals” set you up to feel better, reduce your stress and chances of disease, are simple and achievable and will make you feel better physically and mentally, not to mention increase your awareness. Dive into this year looking for change for the better, to help yourself, your friends and family, the environment and to build your success now and in the future.


Coach Raina Munson

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