3 Ways to Find your Strength

3 Ways to Find your Strength

You Are Strong

When we say the word strong we might immediately think of physical strength, which our ladies certainly have plenty of, but there’s so much more to being strong. I spoke to several Kaia girls, coaches, and friends about what makes someone strong and these 3 things were echoed in nearly every answer. 

1. It starts inside.The strongest people in my life don’t have to tell me; they show me. Their quiet confidence, knowledge, and actions speak volumes so they don’t have to. You are strong, you are worthy of time and love. I desperately need you to believe in yourself, and if you don’t yet your community will. 

2. Community over competition.I have a tendency to compare myself, to the girl with the perfect plank, to the mom with well behaved children, to my colleague with a PhD, or to you. I thought it drove me to be better but as I’ve gotten older I recognize it was far more damaging than helpful. I was constantly invalidating my own accomplishments in search of something more. When I started celebrating myself and those around me I was so much happier. When I embraced the supportive network of women that were supporting me I was infused with confidence.  Not only do these women validate me they also hold me accountable and push me to be better in a healthy way. 

3. Get out of your comfort zone.  I can’t tell you the amount of times I have regretted not complimenting someone, but when I have complimented a stranger or a good friend it lifts me and them. That small amount of discomfort I feel is rewarded almost immediately with a rush of serotonin.  I know when I am encouraged in the gym or in life in general I feel like I can do more and push a little harder.  When we are challenged by those who care for us and support us we trust them and we try. When we step out of our comfort zone we are growing, that’s when the real magic happens. 

You are strong. I hope you know it and believe it.


All the love from Kaia FIT Citrus Heights,


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