Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

Summer Hairstyles to Keep You Cool

Ok, none of us show up at the gym to look cute.  We’re here to WORK.  We want strong, lean muscles, a healthy body fat percentage, and the ability to keep our bodies mobile and capable for the activities we love – like running around with our kids, paddle boarding, mountain biking, and all the other fun stuff! Buuuuuut, it’s not like we’re opposed to looking cute while we’re doing it.  Keeping your hair out of the way while you’re jumping around, sweating buckets, and burning calories doesn’t have to be boring.  You can be cute AND sweaty with these ideas!  Plus, when your hair isn’t flopping in your face, it’s easier to concentrate on getting the most out of your workout time.

The Classic Ponytail

This is probably the go-to for most gals with medium to long hair, but there’s no need for a basic pony to stay basic.  You can jazz it up with fun hair ties, move it higher up on your head like a cheerleader, keep it low and classy, off to the side like an 80’s pop star, or loop it through the middle for a look that’s fancy and effective at keeping strands off your face.  (Google ponytail loop if you need a visual for this one.  Anyone can pull this off!)

The Messy Bun

Just what it sounds like, the messy bun is all about embracing imperfection.   With cute strands of hair escaping here and there, you look adorable but you’re keeping the heat of long hair off your neck and shoulders.  Pro tip: the messy bun is usually secured pretty loosely, which can make it tough for a high intensity workout.  Use a couple bobby pins or a small claw clip to keep it from shaking out as you’re jumping around. 

All Kinds of Braids

This is a big category! From the fishtail to the French, there are a million options to keep your hair out of the way with braids. Some are easier than others, but if you’re up for a challenge, YouTube has tutorials on EVERYTHING.  Up your braid game this summer!  One of the benefits of braids is they look so put together, it makes it easy to go from your workout to work, or a PTA meeting, or whatever else your schedule throws at you.    

Accessories Galore

We didn’t forget about you short-haired beauties!  Your best options are going to be creative accessories to keep pieces off your forehead, ears, and neck.  Fancy barrettes, bedazzled bobby pins, colorful headbands, and patterned bandanas are all exciting ways to keep your workout look fresh, fun, and functional! 

We hope this helps you get creative with your ‘do this summer!  Share your cute workout hair with us on social media!  


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