How to Make Your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions Stick for Good

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1. Set Goals

First things first: make a list of everything health and fitness related you want to accomplish. When coming up with all of your wants and needs, recognize the difference between what is doable and becoming America’s Next Top Model. Goal setting for the long term means identifying what goals you have that are practical, attainable, measurable, and continually motivating!

Once you’ve come up with a master list, separate this list into short-term and long-term goals with a high-to-low-priority rating. Once you’ve made your list, move the high-priority goals to the top of your list and aim to mark those off first. We love a good visual reminder, so write your high-priority goals on a sheet of paper or notepad and stick it to your front door, bathroom mirror, or even on a dream board for inspiration!

2. Plan It Out

The best way to make an initial game plan is to take an assessment of your schedule, current eating habits, and how well or not well that workout program is going. To keep your resolutions alive, add 1 or 2 changes each week rather than going cold turkey. Say to yourself, “This week I will go to one new fitness class,” or, “This week, I will make sure to never skip a meal.” Teach yourself in a progressive way how to adapt to your new, healthier lifestyle. Remember, these goals are not temporary–you’re making these changes for good!

3. Don’t Forget Those Milestones

We all need a little self gratitude and appreciation for the hard work we do! So, as you’re setting goals and getting that plan into action, come up with a timeline of events. Do you want to lose “X” amount of pounds each month to get to your goal weight by a certain date? Do you want to be able to run a 5k or 10k this summer? Or do you want to eliminate eating all processed foods by spring?

In the process to reaching your goals, set mini deadlines for yourself to help build an outline for yourself. Along the way, notice any and all achievements that are helping you chip away further toward your end goals. Something like training for a race can show you measureable results by the yard, block, mile, or finish line. Celebrate each step!

4. Set Up A Reward System

Speaking of celebration, within each milestone, get into the habit of also setting up a reward system that doesn’t involve a large hot fudge sundae for going to BRIK class. We want you to recognize all your hard work–because it is! But as you hit those milestones, think of healthy, celebratory ways to congratulate yourself! Try booking a facial or massage appointment, buying a new Fitbit, downloading new workout music, or eyeballing a newer wardrobe for that new body of yours! Don’t fall back into old habits by using decadent food or take too many days off from the gym as a reward system.

5. Use Positive Affirmation

Some days it can be hard just to get your socks on, much less go to the gym to lift weights. But you are your own best coach, so that means also finding new ways to constantly keep yourself in a stage of motivation. Positive affirmation doesn’t have to mean covering your house with Post-It note happy faces, but it can mean creating a visual way to stay positive. Starting a dream board or a Pinterest board is a great way to keep adding fuel to the fire. You can also stay positive by joining a small-group training program, buying fun workout clothes, checking in with a nutritionist, or finding a workout buddy! Do what’s going to keep you rising to the occasion!

New year resolutions aren’t made to fizzle out by the end of January. We create these positive intentions in the event that they really happen! So don’t lose sight of what’s important to you–especially when we at Kaia FIT know you can do it! Keep checking in with yourself and do it right this time! And we can help you with every single step!

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