Join us for our Winter Waistline Challenge

Keep the stress down and your fitness up by joining our Winter Waistline Challenge!

winter waistline challenge

This is a fun challenge that you and your friends can participate in this holiday season.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Measure around your waist and write your results down.
  • Grab some friends and pool your money into a money pot.
  • Throughout the five weeks, use our helpful guide to track your points and rack up as many healthy points as you can
  • Then, re-measure your waist on January 2nd. Use these parameters to judge who gets the money pot.

Here is our recommended guidelines to identify the winner:

  • Maintained Inches: Get 50% of your money back
  • Gained Inches: Donate all money to the pool
  • Lost the Most: Get the whole kit-n-kaboodle to buy yourself something AWESOME!

Here is some suggest best practices for success during the 5 weeks:

  • When your alarm goes off, GET UP!
  • Keep Sunday as your shopping/food prep day - get the family involved!
  • Making healthy holiday meals or bringing the “healthy dish” to your holiday parties
  • Eating healthy and exercise everyday throughout the holiday season
  • Set goals! We will set your first two, but you choose #3

The next 5 weeks are some of the most important of the ENTIRE YEAR!!!

Staying healthy through the holidays can be quite the challenge. Good thing you’re so tough…


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