Kaia Girl Success Story: Angela

Change is hard. But without it, we cannot move forward to become stronger, more vital human beings. Angela Patterson, 30, decided to take that chance by changing the way she ate, her activity level, and her support system. Thanks to Kaia FIT, Angela has met and exceeded several of her goals and she wants you to know that not only is now the time, but that Kaia FIT is where you should start!

Name: Angela Patterson


Age: 30


Kaia FIT Location: Kaia FIT Carson/Minden & Kaia FIT Lafayette, CO


What brought you into Kaia?

I discovered Kaia initially in Carson City, NV. I was at a pretty unhealthy point in my life. I viewed food as a source of comfort instead of fuel, and used alcohol and food to distract myself from anxiety and stress. I met Nikki Warren (founder of Kaia) through a mutual friend, and after attending 1 class was HOOKED. That was over 8 years ago now.

What were some of your initial goals?

To find a stable relationship with food, and get my body and mind into a healthy place, physically and mentally.

What were some of your fears about starting a new workout and nutrition plan?

It’s always scary to walk into a new place and not know what to expect, in regards to both a workout and environment. I was nauseous walking into my first Kaia class! To this day, I STILL remember how welcomed and loved up I was that first day. The 6am class of 45+ women simply embraced me with hugs, high-fives, jokes and a whole lotta sweat.

What were some of the first positive things you noticed about your body?

That it could DO all these things that I had been trained to believe were ‘men-only’. After several weeks, I was running, doing pull-ups, popping up into (wall-supported) handstands...and I FELT strong.

Did anything surprise you?

How much fun I had. Every. Single. Day. You would think that somewhere along the way, you would start to get bored. But that’s never happened in 8 years. That speaks highly to Kaia FIT and the program that has been designed.

What were some of the challenges you faced as you went along?

I had some challenges with adapting to a new routine (early mornings) and nutrition. It was the first time in my life that I cut out dairy and my husband was NOT happy about it.

How did you work to overcome them?

It took a few weeks, but today, I am an early-morning riser, waking up at 5am voluntarily. I just had to set that routine in place by making my bedtime a strict time (always in bed by 9pm!) and I talked to my husband and friends about WHY I was making these nutritional changes. Today, my husband only consumes almond milk.

What role did/does Kaia have in supporting you along your journey?

Kaia and my tribe has supported me ALWAYS. There has never been a day or life-event where I didn’t have them behind me. We moved from NV to CO several years ago, and I had my Kaia NV girls at my wedding in spirit, while my Kaia CO girls all attended.

How did your eating change? What are your favorite healthy recipes?

My nutrition has changed drastically since I started Kaia. It used to consist of fast food (I was raised in the South), heavy on the animal protein, and almost always processed. Now, the majority of my nutrition is derived from whole foods. My favorite healthy recipe is from Oh She Glows.

What parts of the programs would you recommend to others?

The whole package. To make real, lasting changes in our health and wellness, we need to target more than weight loss. Kaia focuses on your mental and physical well-being, while also giving you the nutritional tools to make those changes lasting.

How have your goals changed over time?

My initial goals of weight loss now vary, depending on the season. Sometimes, it’s to work on my mile time, pull-ups, push-ups, or simply to add a big green salad to my lunch.

What is your favorite Kaia workout?

A- Team, all the way. This is a workout where a team of 5 women work together to get max reps over a period of time. It’s always high energy, and so much fun to work together as a team.

Is there anyone in particular that you’d like to thank for pushing you?

Nikki Warren, of course. Not only is she one of my best friends, she’s been my mentor, boss, confidant and constant support system. She has created a program that is changing the way women interact with other women, and see themselves on a daily basis.

What are your suggestions for anyone looking to join Kaia?

Don’t wait. Take that first step by going to 1 workout. It is always the scariest part.

What are some of your new goals?

To spread Kaia awareness to anyone/everyone I meet. I want to educate women to take care of your body NOW, at any age, so we can progress in life with vitality.

No matter what your goals are, having the right tools and the right support system is what will set your journey apart from just another try at getting into shape. This time, make Kaia FIT your first and only stop on the way to getting in, and staying in shape!

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