Kaia Girl Success Story: Dortha

Kaia Girl Success Story DorthaIf you’ve ever found yourself in a rut or stuck on a seemingly endless fitness plateau, then you might be able to relate to Kaia girl, Dortha, of Folsom, California.

In need of some big change and a push in the right direction, she found Kaia FIT and also discovered much more along the way. Find out how she broke through old habits and changed misconceptions about her body. You will also see how she overcame that challenging portion size problem.

Name: Dortha Hise

Age: 40

Kaia FIT Location: Folsom, CA

What brought you into Kaia?

I was looking for something to help me break through a plateau I felt I had hit in my workout routine and my goals to lose weight. I was also looking for a community - a place where I could belong and call home. :-) I found an ad on Facebook to try it out, so I sent an inquiry and began the process.

What were some of your initial goals?

Initially, I wanted to learn how to food prep (I started during a BRIK session). I wanted someone to push me, I was pretty sure the Kaia Koaches would do that. :-) I wanted to break through the plateau I felt that I'd hit in my weight loss. I still had about 20-25 pounds to go in reaching my desired weight. I also wanted to make friends.

Not sure if I could do either one. I hadn't seen anything about Kaia prior to coming to class, so I was completely in the dark about what a workout might be like. The nutrition plan was scary to me at the beginning because there were so many things I didn't know about: smoothies, making salad dressings, creating soups...but the cookbook is a phenomenal resource and I always feel supported in each and every recipe I choose to make.

What were some of the first positive things you noticed about your body?

My waist had gone back to noticeably smaller. I no longer had "bra back fat."

Did anything surprise you?

Others were noticing too. Some people couldn't put a finger on it, just that "I looked healthier." I recently discovered I have a small thigh gap and I feel pretty excited about that because prior to my discovery, I thought only Wonder Woman and Barbie had it!

I also have noticed how much easier long-distance hiking has become, the healthier and stronger I become.

I think about a year into doing Kaia, I finally felt confident enough to purchase and wear shorts in a workout - that was the first time, probably since high school. That was a really great feeling.

What were some of the challenges you faced as you went along?

A close friend told me that I'd put the weight back on, just wait. I'm grateful I've always had the support of my husband...and it seems like each BRIK, he's more and more willing to try new stuff.

How did you work to overcome them?

I shared the negative comment with one of the Koaches and she said "do you think you will?" and my answer was "hell no!" and that was the end of that.

What role did/does Kaia have in supporting you along your journey?

Kaia has become a lifestyle for me and my husband. We meal plan every single week on Sunday - I write up a meal plan, create a shopping list accordingly and then spend a few hours food prepping for the week. My husband told me this week that he loves how I do food prep...he likes that it's a few hours on Sunday and the rest of the week is a breeze - we just heat up here or there or throw a few things together and viola! That made me feel really good.

I also feel like the supportive group of amazing women in my class are always cheering me on - whether to do my first Turkey Trot or in hiking another 50 miles in a weekend...the women are truly interested in what I'm doing.

How did your eating change? Do you have some favorite healthy recipes?

Portion control has been a big one. I think one of my favorite ingredients is black beans. :-)

A few of my favorite healthy recipes are the Black Bean Soup and the Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas. I've become more savvy about reading labels and ingredients. I look at food as fuel for my body - to give my body what it needs to perform. If I want to perform well, I need to eat well.

What parts of the programs would you recommend to others?

I would recommend all of it. Kaia really can be life changing, if you're willing to do the work to make it happen. Trust the process and believe that the Coaches and classmates are there to support your journey because they really are.

How have your goals changed over time?

I noticed I am more comfortable setting new goals! For example, I did my first Turkey Trot this year - I registered for the 10K - which I never would have seen myself doing pre-Kaia. I heard the mantra in my mind "I KAN!" I'm a long distance hiker and knowing that Kaia has enhanced to my endurance, I know that I can pick a physical challenge and know it's going to happen. This year, for example, my husband and I backpacked over 150 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail PCT while carrying a 30-or-so-pound pack.

What is your favorite Kaia workout?

Anyone that gets me moving! I love challenging myself - learning a new exercise or taking an existing exercise to a new level - moving from strength to Kaia in an exercise, for example. I think I also enjoy the workouts that incorporate both cardio and strength training - I feel I always get a really good workout in on those sessions.

Is there anyone in particular that you’d like to thank for pushing you?

Most definitely! Thank you to Koach Tiffany for always pushing me a little harder than I believed I could go. Thank you to Koach Viki for always believing I can do anything - believing in my crazy goals to hike the PCT, summit mountains or whatever other new goal I challenge myself to achieve, she has always supported. I would also say thanks to Nikki Warren for creating Kaia - without her, my journey would be different for sure.

I would also thank my amazing and supportive husband, Jason, for believing in me and being willing to let me try new recipes, discuss body parts and muscles ad nauseam.

What are some of your new goals?

My husband and I set a goal to backpack 225 miles on the PCT next year! One of my other goals has been "maintenance" of my body. For me that means maintaining my current weight (or lose a few more pounds but I'm not attached to a number) where it is and adjusting how and where I need to.

Do you have any suggestions for anyone looking to join Kaia?

Just do it. If you're considering it and are feeling uncertain, go to a class...I promise you will have so much fun. Even if you feel you're doing the exercises weirdly or you're not quite sure what you're doing...you'll be back. And then you'll be hooked! 

When you not only rise above and find new ways to get healthy, but also are able to include your family in creating a new lifestyle for the household, you change your whole world. Dortha continues to goal-set and wants you to know that it’s all within your own reach!

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