Kaia Girl Success Story: Michelle

Sometimes it’s when you go about your day, doing your normal day-to-day activities, that you really start to appreciate the hard work you do in the gym. Michelle Oatman of Woodland, California decided to try a few group classes at Kaia FIT to lose a 8-10lbs., have some fun, and just overall be more challenged in her workouts. What she found was that her daily activities got easier to do as she got stronger. Her diet started to include new foods she’d never even heard of. And something else? She lost far more than her original goal of 8-10lbs., all the while gaining a team of friends and coaches to support her along the way!

Name:  Michele Oatman
Age: 47
Kaia FIT Location:  Woodland, CA

  1. What brought you into Kaia? I was working out on my own and felt that I needed to get into something that would challenge me. I tried a few “group” classes but never felt like I fit in with the group as they had been together for a while.
  2. What were some of your initial goals?  Initially, my goals was to lose weight (maybe 8-10 pounds) and find a fun and challenging workout.
  3. What were some of your fears about starting a new workout and nutrition plan? The first time I looked at the nutrition plan, I was scared. There were some many things on the menu that I’d never heard of or even knew where to find at the store. But I quickly realized that I just needed to find recipes that I liked and would work for me and my family.
  4. What were some of the first positive things you noticed about your body?  I started to feel stronger. The handbag seemed a little easier to lift and move around. The exercises became a little easier at the balance level and I found myself moving toward the strength level.
  5. Anything surprise you? I was surprised that I found a love for more vegetables than I had been eating before. I got out of a rut and started trying more and finding that I really liked them.
  6. What were some of the challenges you faced as you went along?  Still craving some of the “bad” foods – but realized that I couldn’t be 100% all of the time, so if I caved one day, then I just got back up and didn’t beat myself up.
  7. What role did (does) Kaia have in supporting you along your journey?  The coaches are always so supportive and challenging. They lend a hand anytime you need it – whether it’s with food or workouts.  They will hand you a heavier weight – even when you thought it was too heavy and encourage you to try…and wow! Guess what! I could lift it.  
  8. How did your eating change? Favorite healthy recipes?  I found that I really did like more vegetables than I thought. And I found ways to incorporate them into all lunches and dinners. My favorite weekend breakfast is the rancheros eggs and I love the Fiesta Soup.
  9. What parts of the programs would you recommend to others?  I always encourage people to come and try a class.  Try the workout and find a level that works for them. I try to tell them that they will find something that works for them and it will probably be different than what works for me. And if they really want to see big changes, try the nutrition plan. But find what works for them.
  10. How have your goals changed over time?  My goals have been changed to maintain my weight loss (total of 35 pounds – a lot more than that original 8-10) and gain muscle. I’m working on adding more weight to my workouts.
  11. What is your favorite Kaia workout?  I love “on-the-line” workouts and stations. The hour goes by so quickly when we are moving and moving.
  12. Anyone in particular that you’d like to thank for pushing you?  All of the Woodland coaches have been part of journey and still are…each one has a different way of encouraging us. So a big shout out to Melika for putting together a great staff of ladies – Mallory, Kori, Kaitlyn, Robyn, Kelsey!!!
  13. Suggestions for anyone looking to join Kaia?  Just try it!  Come, show up to class and follow along.
  14. What are some of your new goals?  Getting to Kaia level on more exercises – at least to try a few reps at that level!

As with Michele, her desire to try something new allowed her to change far beyond anything she’d imagined. Her physical strengths, her diet, and her waistline all led her to becoming stronger from the inside-out. This is something that we at Kaia FIT pride ourselves on, becoming stronger all the way around!

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