Keep Calm & Carry On

F.I.T. Tip:

Parties! Friends! Family! Shopping! Wrapping Presents! Oh my!

It can all be very stressful, so try these quick tips to stay de-stressed and able to truly enjoy what matters this holiday season: your family, friends, health and happiness. calm-ornament.jpg

  1. Wear a calming color
  2. Have a diffuser in your office, kitchen or bedroom with lemongrass and orange oil
  3. Practice wristband training when your thoughts go negative
  4. Take 5 deep breaths and visualize your day every morning with your warm lemon water.

N.O.W. Tip:

Read your labels! Take a peek in your pantry right now. What are the majority of ingredients on most of your go-to foods? If you can’t pronounce it, try to sub it out for a whole-foods based, quick-n-grab food, such as an apple and nut butter, or trail mix

K.A.T. Tip:

‘Tis the season of connection. Grab your Kaia sisters, and plan a run followed by a brunch. Instead of presents, share one thing you love about each woman at the table.

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