New Year New You

F.I.T. Tip:

Take a look back at 2016. What are some fitness goals you had set, that haven’t quite reached fruition yet? It’s time to set new goals for 2017, and we want to know what they are! Share in class to hold yourself more accountable.

N.O.W. Tip:

With the New Year, we get a fresh start. It’s like coming back to down dog in flow: the slate has been wiped clean, and you have the chance to envision a new set of rituals that will aid in better sleep, sex, friendship, and general health & well being.15781182_10210011493636347_7500150839652293692_n.jpg



K.A.T. Tip:

Call up an old friend, and invite them to join you for BRIK! This may be exactly what they need with the start of the new year!

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