Pucker Up!

Pucker Up!

3 Tips to Keep Your Lips Healthy in Winter

Lips, that delicate, thin skin that gets exposed to all elements of winter. Do you find your lips to be much dryer in the winter even though the weather is cool? They dry out, become chapped and then crack! 

Here are 3 simple tips to keep this from happening.

1.  Don’t lick your lips!  The moisture from licked lips gets evaporated into the cold air leaving your lips even more dry.

2.  Stay hydrated.  Just because the weather isn’t 100 degrees, you still need to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. Even more when you exercise.  So drink up!

3. Use a lip balm.  Check the ingredients though.  You want to use something with a petroleum base.  Vaseline or Aquafor are two inexpensive buys!  Applied during the day they provide a barrier to wind and cold; and, of course, definite apply it before bed.  My recent new fave is Mario Badescu’s lip balm.  It’s a creamy blend of oils, butters and vitamin E. Perfect for keeping your lips soft, subtle and ready to pucker up!


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