Spring Reset! Get Your Routine On!

Spring Reset! Get Your Routine On!

As we know, Spring is a time for renewal, for growth, and as a stage of development. The earth is turning green again, flowers are blooming, and plants are starting to re-grow and flourish! This is the best time to Reset your mind and body for a season and year of steady routine and the motivation to get into shape!


1. Reset!

We always say it’s time for Spring Cleaning!! YES! Going through not only your old clothes, junk around the house, and taking the time to de-clutter, but also to clean out your pantry, rid your mind of negativity, and re-asses where you are NOW.

HOW? Donate unwanted food. Start organizing your dried goods in jars. Make a big pot of soup of anything that is about to go bad. Start a compost to get rid of unused food or food scraps.


2. Begin Again!

We know spring as the time of re-growth and new beginnings! For you, this is a time for new goals, and setting yourself up for success! Don’t worry where you were, but know where you are and where you want to go. Set SMART Goals and get after it!

HOW? Write down your goals or make a vision board. Set the time in your week to shop and food prep.


3. Use Nature!

Oh Spring, the days get longer and warmer, the trees are blooming and the grasses are getting greener. This is the best time to get outside! Plus, it’s going to be summer soon so you have that extra motivation to tone up for summer clothes!

HOW? Walk on your lunch break. Take a walk or park play before or after dinner with your family. Commit to your locations Saturday outdoor workouts. Go out for a bike ride to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop.


4. Increased Energy!

YAY! More sun, warming days and nights, the energy is increasing as we come out of our long winter slumber. Now is the time to hit workouts hard, commit to a regular Kaia schedule and get your heart rate up. When you commit to your workout, you are more likely to improve your nutrition, your sleep is improved, and you have the energy to get more done during the day and be happy!

HOW? Wake up with your glass of lemon water and a fueling yummy breakfast. Get your movement in EVERYDAY! Use Kaia to rev it up and get that energy going.


5. Community and Events!

Spring is the start of event season. Races, training programs, community social events. Get out there and sign up for something. Or even better, get a group together to do an event together.

HOW? Create a team and sign up and train for a 5/10K! Get a group together to ride bikes to your nearest Farmers Market. Sing up for a season of a rec sport in your town! Or get together for a pick up game of Ultimate Frisbee!


Coach Raina Timmel, Kaia FIT Head Programmer.

Raina grew up in Sonoma County, CA. She spent her childhood camping, hiking, backpacking and enjoying the outdoors with her family. After playing numerous sports in high school she went to College to pursue her passion of wellness, and received her Kinesiology degree from Sacramento State. Since college she has worked in several Wellness related fields, including Physical Therapy, Crossfit, Corporate Wellness, Personal Training and luckily found Kaia in 2010! Kaia has been a big part of her life since then and she has been lucky to be part of the growth of the program. She has coached at several locations, helped with Certifications and now is the head programmer for Kaia Corp as well as works as a Manager for Kaia FIT Petaluma. 


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