Stay on track

F.I.T. Tip:keep-calm-and-stay-on-track-40.png

How many points have you racked up? Set a goal of weekly points to stay on your fitness track the next few weeks leading to the new year. Start your day with warm lemon water AND hit your Kaia class daily=2 points! That's 14 points for the week alone!


N.O.W. Tip:  

Shop ‘well’ for yourself. Have healthy foods on hand, and instead of thinking of what you can’t have, focus on getting your 35g of fiber daily, or 3-5 servings of fruits and veggies! [Hint: stock up on our superfood of the month!]


K.A.T. Tip: seasonal_winter_mychristmaswishlist_base_2.jpg

What’s on your holiday wish-list? Re-affirm your commitment to health and wellness by gifting a close friend one month of could change their life!

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