Want a Strong Heart? Start with a Strong Core!

Did You Know a Strong Core Can Give You a Strong Heart?

Who doesn’t want abs? Working towards a stronger core makes us feel sexy and it is a great motivator in our fitness routines. But ladies, imagine your body is like a sports car….everyone likes to look at how sleek the outside appears, but if your engine (heart) is rotten you won’t get very far at all!  Today as women, we are most likely to die of heart disease; talk about a serious fitness motivator!  Read below to find out 5 ways a strong core not only looks sexy, but also helps you to fight disease so you can keep kickin butt!


  1. At your body’s center, keeping strong core muscles improves your body’s ability to maintain good posture and range of motion. When you have the strength to keep your body in a healthy upright posture, you create more space for your vital organs.  This is where your body’s largest, and therefore important, veins and arteries are based.  These veins and arteries need space to see a healthy blood flow!  Key take away? Strong core muscles create good posture which creates healthy blood flow and less stress on the heart.
  2. A strong core that creates strong body posture is not only important for blood flow, but for confidence.  When a person holds themselves upright, it actually has been shown to not only show other people they are confident, but the person themselves actually FEELS THAT CONFIDENCE from holding that posture. When we help ourselves to feel confident, we feel less stressed.  Less stress helps keep our heart safe and healthy! So even on days when you feel like slumping and putting your head down, sit up straight and tall like the super woman you are! See if your mood and stress improves.
  3. When you core is weak, everything hurts.  It sets off a chain reaction that leads to pain in your back, hips, neck, legs….everywhere! When we hurt all over, even our activities of daily living like tying our shoes, doing laundry, and running errands become exhausting and painful.  So then we can probably forget about getting in a workout that would involve some cardio for our heart right?! Keeping a strong core is key in keeping away body pain. Pain free bodies mean bodies that enjoy exercise! Exercise keeps our hearts strong.
  4. Building muscles raises your metabolic rate.  Let me say that again! BUILDING MUSCLE RAISES YOUR METABOLISM! If your body is better able to burn calories, this is very likely to help you lose weight.  If we can reduce excess weight, it greatly decreases the stress on our heart! Plus we feel better when we lose weight which again, helps us relieve stress.
  5. No matter what your fitness goals are, you need a strong core.  From running, to weight lifting, to yoga…we need a strong core to be successful in any of these.  A weak core is likely to create poor form and therefore injury!  A strong core allows  you to workout hard and then to maintain that!

At Kaia FIT we see women who are brand new to fitness and those who have always been active. We commit to a well rounded fitness program, incorporating strength and cardio training, which is the best way to strengthen our core and therefore reach our fitness goals!  

Keep at it girls! With love from your women out in North Dallas,

Coach Christine

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