Build a Fabulous Foundation Through Mindful Movement

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We use movement training to help build a strong foundation that is necessary for all types of fitness routines. 

Movements are the basics of which we build all of our fitness routines and they are necessary. Our bodies are meant to move a lot, and our culture and the world we live in today requires us to move less. Which results in chronic ailments, disease and obesity. So we must build our core foundation to stay strong and keep our bodies flowing.

Movement of the Month: Forward Bends (aka Multisegmental Flexion)

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This month's Movement is Forward Bends! 

We are diving into this movement this month because it's considered a prerequisite for hip hinge training.  The ability to stand and touch one's toes requires not only appropriate muscle flexibility, but more importantly, good weight shift and postural control.  We cannot expect those powerful muscles to work together well under load if postural control isn't there in a forward fold. 


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